Lowrey Heritage DSA

I'm sorry, but I do not have schematics for this organ in digital format, so you have to look for them elsewhere. :(

This particular organ was used by Finnish organ genius, Jukka Gustavson since winter 1969-1970. Jukka bought it from Leo Lindblom after he had lost similar organ on a car crash. Organ was sold in late 80's / early 90's to Tapio Niemelš. He sold it again later to Petri Rannikko, and I got it from him in August 2004.

This Lowrey was used on Wigwam's records Fairyport and Being. On earlier albums Jukka used organs located in the studios albums were recorded. Mostly Finnvox's Hammond L-100.

Painting on the back cover is done by Jukka's wife Leena. It is just some stuff without relations to any Wigwam songs or albums. The painting was done in mid-70's, when Jukka no longer played in Wigwam but with his new band Sahti instead. The painting can be seen well on this video. Sadly, Jukka doesn't play the organ on that particular song.

I'm going to restore this organ technically. Key contacts and all switches will be cleaned and all PSU and some other capacitors will be changed.

2005-08-10: Finally, some progress!
I finally got the organ home from storage and I've already cleaned the key contacts and washed the keys. An enormous amount of dust and dirt was removed. :) Tomorrow it's time to clean all the rocker tabs and recap the PSU.

2005-11-28: Some more progress!
Argh. It took too long. However, the organ is FINALLY recapped! Currently I'm waiting for a friend of mine to come here and help me putting it all back together. I look very forward getting the organ to playable condition tomorrow!

2007-03-31: Slow progress...
It's interesting how much a day job can slow down an organ repair... Anyway, about an year ago the organ was finally put together again. A week ago a new connector panel (including line out with adjustable volume) plus a new power switch was installed. Today I got (almost) all registerations on the upper manual to work again! What I still have to do is to replace a bunch of the neon lamps used in dividers plus clean some of the rocker switches. Also some keys still do not work. I assume I could finish the repair.... this year.

2007-07-11: Sound samples!
I recorded some sound samples with the organ. As you can hear there's still contact problems etc. here & there, but at least from the short blues jam you can hear that maybe there's some point repairing this... It sounds pretty f*cking good!

2011-02-28: Still alive
I almost gave up with the restoration due to massive workload and other stuff going on during last couple of years. Also the condition of key contacts and switches made me think that I will need a lot of (rare) spare parts to get the organ up and running again. However, last week I got a bunch of interesting information from Australia and now I'm looking forward to replace all of the neon lamps inside the organ. This is supposed to cure almost all of the suspected "key contact" problems! More info later.

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